Common Reasons for Roof Repair in Crawley

Home and business owners in Crawley can rely on our fully-qualified roofers to carry out a wide range of roof repairs in a fast and efficient manner. Whether your property has a traditional pitched roof or a modern flat roof, roofing companies like our own repair aged tiles and membranes that can affect the rest of the building. The experts at D Hunt Roofing Ltd are experienced at resolving common maintenance issues, from fixing holes to fitting entire new roofs on your behalf.

Top 5 Issues with Older Roofs

1. Leaks and Penetrating Damp

Older properties in Crawley with pitched roofs can suffer from leaks if slates and tiles have become damaged due to the weather or the local environment. Cracked, loose or missing tiles expose the roof to water ingress and damp.


Roofing companies like us carry out flat roof repairs for worn membranes, which have holes or punctures. These are often the result of aged surfaces, fluctuating temperatures and standing water from poor drainage.


2. Deteriorated Materials

While felt and rubber flat roof membranes have a long lifespan, they are still susceptible to deterioration over time. Re-roofing and new roofs may be required after 20 years from the initial installation. In the meantime, roof repairs extend the lifespan of roofs at Crawley venues with patch up work.  Natural tiles made from clay and cement can be worn and eroded by long-term weather exposure, such as rain and gale-force winds. Roofers often deal with the effects of nearby wildlife habitats and falling debris too.


3. Faulty Guttering Systems

Roofing companies like us fix broken or improperly pitched gutters. If downpipes have become misaligned due to strong winds, the excess water cannot be drained from flat roofs as it should. The roofers at D Hunt Roofing Ltd ensure guttering systems are fitted at the right angles to prevent pooling and standing water.


Another major issue that Crawley clients encounter with gutters is blockages, typically due to vegetation like leaves, twigs, soil, ice and other debris. Our roofers unclog top gutters and downpipes for free-flowing drainage.


4. Broken Fascias and Soffit Boards

Roofline components made from timber can create warped and rotten surfaces when exposed to moisture for a long period. This weakens fascia and soffit boards, which are designed to support the edges of tiled pitched roofs. Broken boards that let rainwater in obstruct flat roofs from being ventilated. Our roof repair experts replace boards with treated timber or uPVC alternatives.


When installing new roofs, our roofers also check the condition of fascias and soffits. Crawley clients can carry out regular inspections from the street level to see if there are any visible signs of rot.


5. Damaged Membranes

If rainwater is not effectively drained by guttering systems or evaporated after 72 hours, the pooling or standing water can penetrate flat roof membranes with holes. Extreme temperatures and water ingress eventually produces blisters, which loosens the adhesive. Depending on the extent of the damage, a new roof installation may be required.

To get a quote from one of the leading roofing companies in Crawley, call 01293 541 849 or 07850 101 250.

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