Top Advantages in Getting a New Roof in Horsham

If you’re living at an older property in Horsham, there are many ways in which domestic customers can benefit from a new roof installation. If your pitched or flat roof often leaks and you need frequent roof repairs at your home, the roofers at D Hunt Roofing Ltd are here to advise you on the ideal solutions for your budget. As one of the respected independent roofing companies in the Surrey and West Sussex area, we provide homeowners with a dedicated consultation service to discuss the range of benefits.

Benefits of a New Roof Installation

  1.  Increasing the Resale Value – Installing a new roof will make your Horsham home more appealing to prospective buyers. Whereas old, dilapidated roofs tend to put people off, as they imagine expensive roof repairs will be required. Flat roof membranes, including rubber, fibreglass and liquid plastic can last 20 to 50 years, depending on the material you choose. Our roofers are proficient at fitting new roofs with interlocking tiles and leadwork sheets, which are durable products for pitched roofs.
  2. Investing in the Future – Professional roofing companies like our own use major-branded products at affordable prices to fit new roof membranes and tiling systems. Due to their longevity, weather-resistance and watertight capabilities, a new roof is an ideal investment for Horsham homeowners. This limits the likelihood of costly roof repairs affecting your future.
  3. Enhanced Aesthetics – If you are planning on moving, not only can you boost the property value, there will be a higher kerb appeal with the presence of a brand-new roof. Traditional slates and tiles are available in a broad selection of beautiful, natural colours, which adds character to your home too.
  4. Energy-Efficient Roofs – Flat roof membranes, tiles and slates are ideal for improving thermal insulation at your Horsham home. Homeowners will notice a difference in energy consumption from their utility bills! After new roofs have been fitted by skilled roofers, roofing companies maintain the integrity with inspections and minor roof repairs when needed.
  5. Long Flat Roof Lifespans – We specialise in new roof installations that provide long lifespans, which is perfect for Horsham customers concerned about the condition of older roofs. We recommend lead and fibreglass options, which are 100% waterproof and can last up to 50 years. Roof repairs for pitched and flat roofs also extend lifespans with cost-effective, localised maintenance work.
  6. Improved Structural Integrity – Roofing companies endeavour to improve the safety of your property with premium-grade materials. Slates, tiles and leadworks are all fire-resistant, while flat roof membranes prevent water ingress too. Horsham customers can enjoy peace of mind with our 24/7 emergency roofers on hand to fix any issues; however new roofs reduce the likelihood of leaks, weakened structures and the threat of collapsing roofs at older venues.

To arrange a consultation with our roofers to discuss new roof installations at your property in Horsham or the nearby area, call 01293 541 849 or 07850 101 250.

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