Inspecting a Pitched or Flat Roof in Reigate

Professional roofing companies recommend that Reigate home and business owners regularly check their pitched or flat roof for deterioration. By safely inspecting the condition of old or new roof installations, clients can identify any problems at the earliest stage. This reduces the likelihood of roof repairs which are required to fix costly, large-scale issues.


The roofers at D Hunt Roofing Ltd provide advice for annual or seasonal inspections, with specific signs to look out for.

Tips for Checking Your Pitched or Flat Roof

As well as checking pitched and flat roofs every 12 months, roofing companies urge Reigate clients to assess any damage following extreme weather patterns. Storms, rain and gale-force winds can wear away old and new roofing materials, such as slates and tiles, which require roof repairs. These can be cracked or dislodged, which leads to leaks and damp. Roofline components, like guttering systems, fascias and soffit boards are equally at risk.


Inspections help to keep new roofs in great condition, by ensuring gutters are not blocked with debris to maintain a free-flowing drainage system for run-off water. Roofers strongly suggest this as pooling water, which results from poor drainage at your Reigate property, is a major concern for premises with flat roofs. If left unchecked, the stagnating water can lead to the decay and worn membranes.



Inspection Checklist

  1. Examine flat roofs for standing or pooling water, including water stains on the surface of new roof membranes.
  2. Investigate rubber, felt, fibreglass and liquid plastic sheets for holes, tears or blisters, which are susceptible to water ingress.
  3. Look for cracked, loose or missing tiles and slates. Roofers can replace these with similar materials, including large format interlocking tiles as part of our 24/7 emergency roof repairs.
  4. Check the condition of fascia and soffit boards, which are fitted around the roofline of your Reigate property. Warped or rotten wood requires replacements from roofing companies. Timber or uPVC fascias and soffits need be secured to the edge of the roof for optimal ventilation.
  5. Inspect top gutters for debris, such as leaves, soil and other vegetation, which cause blockages.
  6. Ensure there is no mould or moss growing on pitched or flat roof surfaces, which can be cleaned by our roofers.



Safety Precautions

Before carrying out any inspections for your pitched or flat roof, Reigate clients should contact roofing companies like us for safety advice. Our roofers outline the appropriate safety precautions to take. Alternatively, we are happy to inspect old and new roofs on your behalf.


Domestic and commercial clients in Reigate should adhere to the following safety tips:

  • Use reliable climbing equipment to check pitched or flat roofs at great heights
  • Only inspect your old or new roof during calm weather
  • Erect ladders on stable, even ground to avoid injury or falls
  • Ensure the ladder is steady and can support your weight
  • Ask a friend, neighbour or family member for assistance
  • Roofline components can be visually checked for roof repairs from street-level


Don’t hesitate to call our expert roofers, who are fully qualified to carry out inspections, roof repairs and installations for any type of Reigate property. Whether you’re experiencing issues with damp or insulation, we are adept at fixing traditional and new roofs, which include pitched and flat roofing structures.

For more advice from our roofers about roof repairs at your property in Reigate or the nearby areas, call 01293 541 849 or 07850 101 250.

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