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Did you know that autumn is the perfect time to maintain your roof? In fact, some roofers see fall as the best season for everything from minor repairs to full-scale installations. With the winter fast approaching, make sure your home in the Reigate or Surrey area comes fully prepared. As always, feel free to call the experts at D Hunt Roofing Ltd for autumnal roof care.


Read on for our tips on caring for your roof in the fall, or ask about the superb roof construction services we provide.

Take a Look in Your Loft or Attic


It’s an easy one to forget, given that most of us just use our lofts for storing decorations and boxes full of old household items. That said, looking through the attic is a great way to check for signs of damp and growing mildew. Discoloured patches and condensation represent growing issues, so it’s better to call a trained roofer in the Reigate region before things get worse.


You should also make sure your loft has proper insulation and ventilation. These keep the environment at the ideal temperature no matter the climate outside.


Inspect From the Ground


It’s not hard for wildlife to enter the home through a rotten fascia board. Sometimes, you can even see squirrels come and go through the hole in the roofline. Stay safe by keeping your feet firmly in the garden while you do this, and hire a professional if you’re unsure. Roofers must comply with the Work at Height Act 2005 and can check for damage using the latest safety equipment.


If you have an overgrown tree in Reigate or Surrey, then you might need a tree surgeon to trim it back. This is because high winds can cause a dense tree to topple, causing damage to either your roof or adjacent properties.


Organise a Roof Inspection


Experienced roofers will know to check for slipped tiles and exposed underlay in your pitched roof. They can also assess the state of your flat roof to ensure the structure remains at a slight pitch, can withstand the weight of snowfall and protects the home with a watertight surface.


Unlike keen amateurs in and around Reigate, a trained roofer will understand the first signs of a problem and can take the steps needed to rectify it without fuss.


Clear or Fix Your Gutters


As gorgeous as fall can be, it brings with it the risk of blocked gutters. Leaves, twigs and other debris can clog the system, in turn causing issues with your downspout. Gutter guards can help to prevent this issue, but you may need to replace any damaged gutters if you see any holes.


Our roofers work hard to maintain rooflines all over Reigate and the Surrey area. Not only do we check for signs of excessive wear, but we also replace any split or broken roofline fixtures to prepare your home for the wintery months.

For a professional roofer in the Autumn, please call 01293 541 849 or 07850 101 250. We maintain roofs in Reigate and the surrounding Surrey area.

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